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No Matter the Charge, You Would Do Better to Retain a Lawyer.


In this short videoBergen County attorney (in divorce, family, criminal, employment law) Eric J. Aretsky explains why it is a good idea to have an attorney represent you in your municipal court case. 

Don’t Let The Courts Decide Who Has Custody of Your Child!

If parents can’t come to an agreement on the custody of their child/children or the New Jersey courts deem it NOT in the best interest of the child they will step in and make that decision.  The New Jersey law cares most about the children. The course of action laid out by the court can take months to complete, yet it is very clear that the courts are seeking the best interest of the child.

Aretsky & Aretsky Attorneys in Bergen County, New Jersey can bring some clarity to your divorce and child custody issues.  If you are seeking an alternative way to help your family get through the divorce process, our collaborative attorneys in Bergen County have the answer. Collaborative law is a non-adversarial process that allows you and your spouse to work out a mutually agreed-upon plan to handle child visitation schedules, child support, alimony payments, asset division, and any other details necessary to finalize your divorce. The collaborative law process enables you and your spouse to control the outcome of your divorce rather than a court and helps preserve good familial relations for the benefit of your children.

engagementringCrazy About Your New Spouse, BUT You Want a Prenup!

In this day of multiple marriages, we are all entering into our nuptials with a lot more “history.”  We may have substantial assets, large incomes, or one or both parties might have large outstanding debt.  It may not be romantic, but many couples today are choosing to be 100% committed on everything but the finances.  

Therefore, a common question people ask a divorce attorney in Bergen County such as Eric or Dolores Aretsky, is what things should be included in a prenuptial agreement? Your agreement should be tailored to your individual circumstances, but here are some things that should be covered: 

Meet with Your Attorney ASAP if Divorce is Immanent!  Time Will Work Against You

You should quickly decide to work with a divorce attorney for your Bergen County divorce .  You will need to get prepared to get the most out of your first appointment. Your attorney will probably want some documents that are specific to your particular case. Every situation will be somewhat different.

There are other documents, however, that a family law attorney will generally need to see in every divorce or child custody case. In general, its a good idea to bring the following to your first appointment with an attorney:

Getting a Divorce In NJ Can Be Very Fast……Or Not.

You’ve tried everything, but you really need to end your marriage.  Or, you don’t really want the marriage to end, but your spouse has decided for both of you.  Now that the decision has been made, you’d like to get it behind you as fast as possible.  

https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-wyUjl6kBzOg/USwMplIwOXI/AAAAAAAAEuo/zLAv9iNzi5M/s320/Screen+Shot+2013-02-25+at+5.14.15+PM.pngAs with most things having to do with law and courts and public servants, not to mention your spouse and his or her attorney, Many, many factors will contribute to either speeding things along or dragging things out for months or even years.  The major factors are:

sad-kid Is Your Ex Taking Advantage of You?  Child Visitation Rights after Divorce in NJ

The first place to secure visitation rights is during the negotiations leading up to your final divorce decree.  If you are not going to have primary physical custody, then you are going to want to maximize the amount of time you can spend with your children.

Even if you are going to be the primary care provider, and the kids will be with you most of the time, getting a clear understanding of when your ex can visit is one of the most important parts of the process of your divorce

custody divorce lawyers bergen county

 Who Gets Custody of Your Children in New Jersey and WHY?

As Bergen County divorce lawyers, we want you to understand your rights when it comes to how the courts will determine custody.

If you are confused about the standard custody plan, listen up: Contrary to popular belief, there is no “standard” custody and visitation plan in Bergen County, or anywhere in New Jersey. Your arrangement will be based on your family. A number of factors will be considered. The court’s standard in child custody cases is “the best interests of the child”.  In determining the best interests of the child, the court considers a number of factors including the home environments, the ages of the children, their relationship to each parent, the parents’ willingness to cooperate with one another, and other factors. A divorce lawyer will build a case for you based on your desires for custody and visitation, and what you feel is in the best interests of your children.The court will use the “best interest” factors to determine legal custody, physical custody, and visitation. Legal custody refers to who makes major decisions, and in New Jersey, this is commonly shared. Physical custody refers to the parent who the children live with most of the time. Visitation refers to the time spent with the parent who does not have physical custody.

Gay Marriage in NJ is in the courts.

As same-sex couples in New Jersey await the supreme court’s decision on same-sex marriage, it is still not legal for gay and lesbian couples to have the full range of legal benefits of marriage, but civil unions are recognized in the state of New Jersey, offering many of the protections of marriage.

Ed Murray / The Star-Ledger

It is looking more like legal recognition of gay marriage may be in the cards for New Jersey, changing the game for family lawyers like ours in Bergen County who represent same sex couples.
Check out the full article:

Amick: Supreme Court cases could improve odds for same-sex marriage in New Jersey at NJ.com

“Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Trenton), the first openly gay member of the New Jersey Legislature, has introduced a bill that would ask the state’s voters next November to approve same-sex marriage. He was inspired by the success of similar referendums last month in Maine, Maryland and Washington, and the rapid shift of public opinion in the direction of marriage equality.
However, his idea was quickly smacked down by leaders of his own party, which controls the Legislature, and by New Jersey’s leading gay-rights activist, Steven Goldstein. They oppose it on principle, arguing that a basic civil right, marriage, shouldn’t be put to a public vote. They also cite the practical fear that right-wing organizations, with no presidential election on the ballot to occupy them, would flood the state’s airwaves with millions of dollars’ worth of divisive and even homophobic messages against the referendum.”

Contact our New Jersey Family Law Attorneys

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“Christmas is the best holiday for us. We’ll invited lots of people and have ridiculous amounts of food and drinks… Very traditional, very Italian — it’s loud at our house.” 

– Melissa Gorga,The Gorga family, currently promoting their work-in-progress marital advice book Love, Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage released their family Christmas photo to US Magazine. Some say the Gorga’s high profile marital advice book comes as a slap in the face to sister-in-law Teresa Giudice, and is likely to cause more family disputes in the already troubled family.

Teresa is reportedly facing a tough holiday right now, as tensions mount between her and husband Joe, with rumors circulating that a divorce may be in the works. Teresa Giudice also released Christmas photos, but hers were notably lacking herself and husband Joe, featuring instead the four girls in a series of staged Christmas scenes.

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