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Eighteen New Jersey medical professionals have faced legal trouble during the past year due to reasons such as opioid, sex, fraud, or stabbing charges involving patients. Some of these cases include a registered nurse who stabbed a 10-year old autistic child with a needle when he was behaving disruptively. The nurse, Naomi Derrick of Sicklerville, supposedly threatened the autistic child with a needle while he was being hospitalized in an Atlantic City psychiatric unit.

According to reports from the Office of Attorney General, Derrick stabbed the child at least six times throughout the duration of the 12 hour shift. Derrick’s conduct was recorded using a security camera found in the room, which revealed footage of her stabbing the child on his “upper arm, thigh, kneecaps, [and] foot and hand” resulting in an accumulation of blood droplets. Derrick claims she did not actually stab the child, but did admit to using the needle as a threat to encourage good behavior.

Other cases of poor ethics in the New Jersey medical community include individuals who have been accused of taking bribes, such as the case of a Bergen County pharmacist, Eduard Shtindler, who is charged with conspiracy for health care fraud. Shtindler supposedly paid kickbacks to a Hudson County based psychiatrist in order to provoke the doctor to direct his patients to the pharmacy that Shtindler owns in West New York. This scheme resulted in nearly $3 million worth of medications prescribed by the doctor which were filled by Shtindler’s pharmacy.

As with any relationship-conflict, divorces exist on a wide spectrum of high and low conflict. Generally, many low-conflict marriages can result in low-impact divorces, while high-conflict marriages typically lead to high-conflict divorces. When trying to assess the conflict level of your relationship with a partner that you are going through a divorce with, consider these factors:


Low-conflict marriages are typically low-conflict divorces. As such, these divorces can sometimes be settled with meditation, which can be a less expensive alternative to divorce. A successful mediation can result in a friendly divorce after proceedings. Alternatively, high-conflict divorces often require more significant litigation in order to protect assets and secure favorable custody agreements if children are involved.

Newark, NJ citizen and nursing home assistant Monique Beaucejourwas recently charged for the manslaughter of 85-year old Fannie McClain, who perished while under Beaucejour’s care at Waterview Nursing Home in Cedar Grove, NJ.

According to officials, Beaucejour was aware of McClain’s fall and consequent head injury on August 13, 2019. However, despite McClain’s declining medical condition, Beaucejour neglected to find assistance, and instead blamed the fall on another patient who was suffering from dementia. In fact, she left McClain alone and re-entered the room nearly thirty minutes after the fall, while pretending that it was her first time seeing McClain in the deteriorated state. As a result, McClain suffered three deep wounds on her head, a broken neck, and a brain bleed. For this reason, Beaucejour is currently being charged with reckless manslaughter, obstruction, and neglect of the elderly.

The Waterview Center has responded to this incident claiming that, “We are very concerned about this incident as the safety and well-being of our residents is our highest priority…”. Despite this statement, this incident shines a light on the rising amount of nursing home abuse cases in both New Jersey and the United States.

After three months of hospitalization for schizophrenia, a 29-year old New Jersey resident Michael Vecchio has passed away after facing starvation for thirty days. Consequently, his mother Beth is suing the facility,Greystone Park psychiatric Hospital in Parsippany. The suit, filed by the patient’s mother, accuses the facility of wrongful death and negligence.

According to the hospital staff, Michael refused to eat because he claimed that he was a “‘Zen master’ and like Gandhi, would not eat”. Michael’s family is asserting that the facility should have still provided Michael adequate care given the fact that he was actively psychotic and thereby incapable of making appropriate medical decisions for himself. Unfortunately, following the irrational demands of patients is often the case in many instances of neglectful care.

Vecchio’s death is only one example of the many cases of negligent care for mentally ill patients. For example, many poorly operated care facilities use the patient’s refusal of care as an excuse to not perform their job properly.

A divorce can often be a tiring and complicated process for a family. When embarking on this often long and arduous process, it is essential to consider best practices to take in order to maximize legal protections during the divorce process.

Here are some tips that can be taken in order to maintain a strong position during a divorce lawsuit:

  1. Close Joint Credit Card Accounts

Is Justin Bieber’s Criminal Activity That Different Than Your Teen?

What did you do in High School and College?  Just saying.  Recent statistics point to a well known fact.  Teen boys get in trouble.  The statistics pointed to the reality that arrests in this age group are increasing.  Teen boys have been getting in trouble for decades.  The alarming trend might be that teen girls are now getting into more criminal activity than in previous generations.  Bieber was picked up by Miami Beach police for drag racing, driving under the influence (admitted to alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs), and resisting arrest.  What are the chances that your teen might end up with similar criminal charges?36.4% of high school seniors used marijuana in the past year8% report using synthetic marijuana in the past year15% report using a prescription drug for a non-medical reason5% used cough medicines to get high26% of high school seniors report getting drunk in the past monthStatistics from you get that call from your teen, you are well advised to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney at Aretsky and Aretsky.  As a boutique firm, we give highly personalized service.  Below you will see the cell phone numbers of our senior attorneys.  Call us 24/7 to discuss your case. 

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Competing interests keep any proposal from moving forward

Everyone seems to agree that the alimony laws in New Jersey need reform. In particular, the concept of lifetime alimony.  Famous cases have made national news as one man was forced to pay many times his current income. 

New guidelines, modeled after a 2011 Massachusetts alimony reform law, are championed by New Jersey Alimony Reform. They are calling for a major overhaul of the system.

Fort Lee Created a Media News Storm in May of 2012

In what could easily be characterized as a perfect example of media histeria over a botched analysis, Fort Lee, NJ, became the talk of the nation.  The reporting headlined what was supposedly a decision by the police in Fort Lee to start ticketing folks for texting while walking.  The press even pointed to examples of pedestrians who had been fined $85 for so doing. 

When the smoke cleared, the truth was that nothing had really changed other than an emphasis.  The Fort Lee Police were looking very hard at those who were jaywalking, and IF they were also texting they were more likely to get a ticket. Jersey may get a bad rap on some issues.  But it appears that at least on divorce and bicycle accident related fatalities, we can take a bow.  For all the fuss about Jersey Shore, our fine state has the lowest divorce rate in the nation.  Now we see that bicycle deaths are super low at less than 2 per million population per year.  In fact, in 2011, the last year that national statistics are available, New Jersey experienced only 17 such deaths.

U.S. Department of Transportation statistics show that on average more than 800 bicyclists die and 70,000 are injured in motor vehicle-related crashes.  The good news is that the trend is down with only 618 deaths and 52,000 injuries in 2010.  There does not seem to be good data regarding how many of these accidents involve a motor vehicle.  

More than one-third of all bicycle fatalities involve riders 5 to 20 years old, and 41 percent of nonfatal injuries occur to children under the age of 15.

The Truth About Divorce? You Decide!

If you are about to go through a divorce, consider the issues raised in the article below.  Divorce arbitration and mediation are alternatives to litigating your matter in Court.

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