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Should I Try to Represent Myself in Bergen County Municipal Court?

No Matter the Charge, You Would Do Better to Retain a Lawyer.

In this short videoBergen County attorney (in divorce, family, criminal, employment law) Eric J. Aretsky explains why it is a good idea to have an attorney represent you in your municipal court case. 
Eric Aretksy touches on what you can expect from the municipal court process, including the plea bargain process, what to expect in an initial consultation with your attorney, attorney retention, entering your not guilty plea, entering a discovery,and when you might move to a trial, if necessary. 
He describes the consequences you could be facing for a municipal traffic or criminal violation, including increased insurance premiums, or jail time in the case of criminal charges. 
If you have been arrested on a criminal charge including DUI, possession with intent to sell, white collar crimes, burglary, assault, or any of a range of other crimes, and you are going before the municipal court, you will want to have an attorney to represent you.  Contact us for no cost, no obligation consultation:
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