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How Long Will It Take Me to Get A NJ Divorce?

Getting a Divorce In NJ Can Be Very Fast……Or Not.

You’ve tried everything, but you really need to end your marriage.  Or, you don’t really want the marriage to end, but your spouse has decided for both of you.  Now that the decision has been made, you’d like to get it behind you as fast as possible.  
As with most things having to do with law and courts and public servants, not to mention your spouse and his or her attorney, Many, many factors will contribute to either speeding things along or dragging things out for months or even years.  The major factors are:

  •  Financial complications
  •  Minor children
  •  Foot dragging 
  •  Anger and devisiveness
  •  Paperwork 

Both Spouses Agree on Everything

If everyone agrees on how to split assets, deal with children issues, and how much monthly support payments are going to be, it is possible to complete a NJ Divorce in a few months.  But this means that everything is agreed to, and everybody provides necessary documents, shows up for hearings, and signs papers as needed.
This is rarely the case, and therefore it is more likely to take six months for a divorce where there is little disagreement on the key issues.  We also suggest that rushing the divorce rarely leads to any real benefits, and may result in overlooking critical details that might have been determined with a bit more time.  In other words, as with many things in life, doing it right beats doing it fast.

Divorce Mediation Helps Speed Things Along

We are certified to provide you with mediation.  In this process we sit down with both of you and help you work out differences based on the legal standards in NJ and our experience in handling hundreds of cases.  When you are uncertain about your position on various issues, or when both of you want to keep things civil, mediation is a great choice.
See More on Mediation Here:  Mediation or Litigation? 

Contested Divorces

If one or both parties to the divorce are stuck on the major or even minor issues, then there is the possibility that there will be months of wrangling between all concerned, and there may even be a need for a trial on the issues.  If this is the case in your situation, we are known for being aggressive fighters for the rights of our clients.   We all prefer things to go forward without bitterness and anger, but in divorce cases, sometimes that is seemingly unavoidable

Complex Divorce

Sometimes there are major assets to divide, pensions to figure out, businesses that are difficult to fix a value on.  There may be issues of the spouses wanting to live far from one another, even in different states.  One or both of the parties may have medical, legal, or emotional issues that create complexity.   Of course, in these cases, the process just takes longer.  
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No matter what is the case in your situation, having trusted counsel will make your experience with divorce the easiest that it can be. Contact Aretsky and Aretsky to set up a personal consultation about your case today.

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