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Should New Jersey voters decide gay marriage? Bergen County family lawyer

Ed Murray / The Star-Ledger

It is looking more like legal recognition of gay marriage may be in the cards for New Jersey, changing the game for family lawyers like ours in Bergen County who represent same sex couples.
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Amick: Supreme Court cases could improve odds for same-sex marriage in New Jersey at NJ.com

“Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Trenton), the first openly gay member of the New Jersey Legislature, has introduced a bill that would ask the state’s voters next November to approve same-sex marriage. He was inspired by the success of similar referendums last month in Maine, Maryland and Washington, and the rapid shift of public opinion in the direction of marriage equality.
However, his idea was quickly smacked down by leaders of his own party, which controls the Legislature, and by New Jersey’s leading gay-rights activist, Steven Goldstein. They oppose it on principle, arguing that a basic civil right, marriage, shouldn’t be put to a public vote. They also cite the practical fear that right-wing organizations, with no presidential election on the ballot to occupy them, would flood the state’s airwaves with millions of dollars’ worth of divisive and even homophobic messages against the referendum.”

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