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If you are involved in a New Jersey divorce, about to file for divorce, or believe that your spouse is contemplating divorce, you should be aware that social media can be used both for and against you. While it is always wise to think twice before emailing, texting, or posting, it is especially important to do so when divorce is an issue. Remember, messages that take an instant to transmit cannot be taken back once you hit that “send” button.

The use of all types of social media by New Jersey divorce attorneys has increased steadily over the past several years. What you say, text, email, or post can be used against you as your divorce proceeds. On the other hand, an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer can also use your spouse’s posts to support your allegations.

Social media postings, etc., can be used…

Business Owner Criticized for Not Firing in Person 

Being an employer these days can be tricky. The job requires constant juggling. Add to the mix the volatile economy, a litigious society and an employer can be on his toes much of the time, constantly juggling a million different things.

textBut Gregory Kennedy in Orlando, Florida isn’t getting much sympathy after he fired all his employees via a text message.  Perhaps that’s because he did this on the Fourth of July holiday. And he still owed them their last paycheck.

Judges Decide Requests on a Case by Case Basis

What you say on Facebook can and will be used against you.

facebookThat is, if a judge believes the request for someone’s Facebook postings is more than just a fishing expedition. Information gleaned from Facebook postings and other social media communications has been allowed as evidence when judges believe that the information is directly relevant to a case and not a blatant violation of someone’s privacy.

Are teens using Twitter Responsibly?

We’re definitely treading on unchartered territory when it comes to the social networking site Twitter. Last week, we talked abut tweets that could land you in prison. And now we’re back to tell you the news doesn’t get any better when it comes to your tweeting teen.

The truth is that there are so many ways that he or she could get in trouble. First of all, teenagers often lack the maturity to restrain from making inappropriate comments or to think about the long-term consequences of what they’re tweeting. Not to mention that kids as young as seven are increasingly accessing social media.

A threatening tweet can be considered a crime

Tweeting is protected under the First Amendment freedom of speech rights, but there are exceptions, especially when security is at stake.

An Alabama man is awaiting sentencing next month after pleading guilty to threatening to kill President Obama in a series of messages he sent out over the social networking site Twitter that referenced an anti-government militia group.  Jarvis Britton wasn’t found to have any connections to the militia group and he apologized for “acting stupid” in sending out the tweets, but he now faces up to five years in prison.

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