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If you are involved in a New Jersey divorce, about to file for divorce, or believe that your spouse is contemplating divorce, you should be aware that social media can be used both for and against you. While it is always wise to think twice before emailing, texting, or posting, it is especially important to do so when divorce is an issue. Remember, messages that take an instant to transmit cannot be taken back once you hit that “send” button.

The use of all types of social media by New Jersey divorce attorneys has increased steadily over the past several years. What you say, text, email, or post can be used against you as your divorce proceeds. On the other hand, an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer can also use your spouse’s posts to support your allegations.

Social media postings, etc., can be used…

divorce mediationMediation can be a desirable alternative to litigation for New Jersey divorcing couples. In mediation an unbiased third party, the mediator, guides the couple and helps them work towards an amicable solution. The most important factor is that both parties are committed to reaching an agreement that is fair and equitable. Each must be willing to see things from the other’s perspective.

Mediators do not have to be attorneys, but many are. It is helpful to have a mediator who is well versed in New Jersey divorce and family law. Although your mediator cannot offer advice, he or she can educate clients regarding the relevant laws.

If children are involved, the idea of their parents divorcing is often a traumatic experience. Using mediation rather than litigation may ease the stress. Seeing their parents communicating amicably and trying to work things out reasonably will likely relieve their anxiety about what the future holds.

The Truth About Divorce? You Decide!

If you are about to go through a divorce, consider the issues raised in the article below.  Divorce arbitration and mediation are alternatives to litigating your matter in Court.


Apps Can Help With Advice, Scheduling and Emotional Issues

appA best friend can definitely help you tough out your divorce, but what do you do when your best bud isn’t available to help?

You may want to check out the latest apps designed to help people through their divorces. That’s right, applications (or apps, as they are better known) definitely go beyond the latest version of the Angry Birds game. Well beyond and into the realm of helping people navigate the ins-and-outs of divorce.

Planning Can Help Your Financial Situation 

divorceAre you thinking that a divorce will mean each spouse will get half of what you both own together?

Not necessarily. The equation is a lot more complicated than simply splitting the financial assets and liabilities in half so that each spouse can get his or her half. The reality is that many things come into play that could affect your finances after a divorce. What comes into play depends a lot on how much each spouse earns or has the potential to earn, among other things.

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