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municipal court attorney representationAbout 6 million of the 7 million cases that are heard each year in New Jersey courts are filed in Municipal Court. As the name would imply, these courts have limited jurisdiction; they usually involve violations that occurred within that municipality.

Classification of Crimes in New Jersey

You have probably heard the terms “felony” and “misdemeanor” when discussing serious and less serious crimes. In New Jersey, however, crimes are classified differently. More serious crimes are classified as indictable crimes; less serious crimes are called disorderly person offenses; and the least serious are called petty disorderly person offenses.

expunging recordsOn April 18, 2016, the law signed by Governor Christie in January went into effect. It amends New Jersey’s Expungement Law, making it easier for nonviolent ex-offenders to clear their records.

Definition of Expungement

“Expungement” is defined in New Jersey law as “the extraction and isolation of all records on file…within the criminal justice system.” In simpler terms, it means that the offense is treated for the most part as if it never happened. Even more importantly, you are legally allowed to state that the arrest or conviction never took place.

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