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On December 1, New Jersey introduced a new law governing penalties for drunk drivers.

About the Regulations

The new regulations limit suspensions for first time offenders with a BAC below .15%. Instead, these drivers must install in-car breathalyzers that prevent vehicles from moving if the driver has a BAC of .05% or more. This protocol is in place for three months until a year, depending on the specific case.

Experienced DUI Lawyers in New Jersey Discuss What You Should Do When Charged with a DUI in Passaic County, New Jersey

We all know that you should not drink and drive. The reality is, however, that people don’t always follow this good advice. Maybe you have a few beers at your friend’s home in Wanaque and assume it’s okay because it’s a short ride home to North Haledon. You might be dining in your favorite restaurant in Wayne and think that a couple of glasses of wine can’t hurt. Or perhaps your co-workers in Clifton suggest an after-work cocktail to celebrate a particularly successful week.

These scenarios seem harmless—until you get pulled over by the police on your way home and are charged with DUI!

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