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Singer Justin Bieber investigated for alleged reckless driving

The case illustrates a more widespread problem 

Who knows what tune Justin Bieber will be singing when Los Angeles County detectives wrap up their investigation on the singer’s alleged reckless driving in his own neighborhood?
Two witnesses told deputies that the famous singer allegedly drove his Ferrari at freeway speeds in a residential 25 mph zone on Monday night, according to the sheriff’s department. A key witness was NFL star Keyshawn Johnson who told deputies he was outside with his three-year-old daughter, who was about to get into a toy electric car, when Bieber allegedly sped by. Johnson got into his own car and tried to confront Bieber, but the singer drove home and went inside, refusing to talk, a sheriff’s spokesman told the Associated Press.
Investigators seeking reckless driving charge
The sheriff’s department said investigators would send their report to prosecutors to consider filing misdemeanor charges of reckless driving.
It’s too early to speculate whether there is any truth to the accusations or whether there is enough evidence to charge the young star. However, the alleged incident in the upscale Calabasas community in Los Angeles County is one that could happen in any neighborhood in America.
Reckless driving a problem in many neighborhoods
The issue of reckless drivers speeding in residential zones is a constant complaint, especially in neighborhoods with lots of young children. Countless accidents and fatalities have occurred due to motorists driving too fast or carelessly.
In New Jersey, reckless driving carries a penalty of five points that can be added to a motorist’s driver’s license. Other potential charges and the penalty points: careless driving (2 points), exceeding maximum speed limit by 30 miles or more per hour (5 points), exceeding the maximum speed limit by 15-29 miles per hour (4 points), exceeding the speed limit by 1-14 miles per hour (2 points).
Reckless driving charge carries jail time
Both reckless driving and careless driving are misdemeanor charges, but both are punishable by jail time and motorists could have their license suspended. If found guilty of reckless driving, you could be jailed for up to three months and receive a fine of up to $500. If found guilty of careless driving, you could be jailed for up to 15 days and be fined up to $200.
A reckless driving charge in New Jersey is when a motorist is accused of operating a motor vehicle in a way that knowingly endangers property or others.
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