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Phone Apps Can Help You Through Your Divorce

Apps Can Help With Advice, Scheduling and Emotional Issues

appA best friend can definitely help you tough out your divorce, but what do you do when your best bud isn’t available to help?
You may want to check out the latest apps designed to help people through their divorces. That’s right, applications (or apps, as they are better known) definitely go beyond the latest version of the Angry Birds game. Well beyond and into the realm of helping people navigate the ins-and-outs of divorce.
App Helps With Logistics
Take the logistics of sharing custody of your children with your former spouse. Even if your divorce was amicable, issues about scheduling often arise. Communicating all the details about Junior’s violin recital and your daughter’s soccer games just got a lot easier with 2houses, an app that helps you coordinate your schedule with your ex-spouse so that both parents can know their child’s schedule at a glance without even having to pick up the phone.
Well, OK, you’ll likely be using your phone to use the app so you will have to pick up the phone, but you likely won’t be using it as much to go over all the details of the weekly schedule.
Parents Can Share Stories and Photos
2houses is more than just a calendar and scheduling, tool. The app also offers a finance feature that allows parents to jot down notes on money they’ve spent on their children, such as to pay for the dentist. The app also offers parents a messaging option to notify them if there has been a schedule change. Parents can use the journal and albums to share anecdotes, stories and photos about their children.
Parenting Apart is an app, based on the book by the same name written by Christina McGee, that offers advice and guidance on wide-ranging topics dealing with divorce. This app promises to help divorced and separated parents make decisions that will help kids become “happy, confident and secure kids.” Among the topics included: what to expect during the different emotional stages for parents and children, adjustment issues for kids, talking to kids about divorce, co-parenting, and options for the legal process.
“Making Documentation Easy”
Divorce Log, has as its slogan “Making documentation easy.” This app makes it easier for you to keep track of your incoming and outgoing expenses that pertain to your divorce, such as all incoming and outgoing child support and alimony payments, time spent with your child, expenses, and correspondence.
The app, which promises privacy, allows you to control who sees the information. You have the option of forwarding any of the information to whoever you wish. This app is handy to keep track of important information.
If none of these apps are quite what you’re looking for, you can search the iTunes store or Google Play for other options to see other available apps better suited for your needs.

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