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What is probable cause in a shoplifting case? part 3

walmartIn this series, our criminal defense, employment, and family lawyers in Bergen County discuss shoplifting charges, and probable cause. If you think that you were arrested for shoplifting without probable cause, you should speak with an attorney. (Even if you don’t think so, shoplifting charges can be serious, and something you should discuss with an attorney. Whether or not probable cause exists can be somewhat complicated and will require good representation. See this case regarding shoplifting and probable cause from last year. The supreme court ultimately ruled in favor of the plaintiff, who had been wrongfully charged with shoplifting at a Walmart store in New Jersey, and initially lost the lawsuit he brought against the store. The court first ruled that the store did have probable cause, but that ruling was reversed at the supreme court level. If you are facing shoplifting charges, contact Aretsky and Aretsky, with over 15 years experience in shoplifting cases.

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