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Why Would I Bother Hiring A Traffic Defense Lawyer?

You just got a ticket for speeding.  It isn’t your first, but you’re not too worried about it.  You figure all you need to do is pay for it and move on.  But is that all there is to it?  No.  People often don’t realize the long lasting effects a moving violation can have on a person’s:

  • Insurance rates

Bergen County Traffic Defense Attorney Explains Consequences of Speeding Tickets

The New Jersey traffic laws may seem silly to you, but they are in place for a reason: mainly, your safety and the safety of others. people do not give much thought to receiving a speeding ticket.  Even though you know you shouldn’t be speeding, we have all been guilty of justifying our need to break the rules:

Texting and Driving:  Do You Know What Will Happen To You?

A recent article was written to address updated laws to address the growing problem of driving and texting related accidents on the road.  New Jersey is steadily moving to become the toughest state on distracted drivers, specifically aimed at those who continue to text while driving.  As of March 21, S69 was sent to Governor Chris Christie for his approval.  

The state of New Jersey has gone as far as to adopt a law allowing “full prosecution of cell phone users if they drive recklessly and cause serious harm or death.  Penalties would include prison time and fines up to $150,000, similar to drunken driver punishments.”  Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, who signed the measure in July of 2012 stated, “If you wouldn’t drink and drive you shouldn’t text and drive.”

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

You stopped at the bar on the way home, hung out with a few of your friends, and had a few drinks.  You’ve never thought twice about being able to drive home without any problems.  After all, you live right down the street.  You finished the last beer, and headed home.  You were driving too fast, didn’t see the cyclist, and could not hit the brake fast enough.  

You were afraid of what would happen if you stopped to talk to him about accidentally hitting him, so in a moment of panic you sped off.  But what you didn’t know is that someone else was watching the incident unfold and somehow managed to get your license plate information.  You were surprised to find that you had been charged with a hit and run.  

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