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Is a Divorce Coach a Good Choice for You?

Certified Divorce Coaches Can Offer Expert Help

Some say a divorce coach can offer informed advice and hold your hand during the tough spots. Others say, “Don’t waste your money. That’s what friends are for.”
Well, just what is a divorce coach? He or she can be many different things before, during and after your divorce. Confidante. Assistant. Financial planner. Logistics expert. It all depends on their area of expertise.
Divorce Coaches Are Usually Not Lawyers
One thing they are not is your lawyer (unless they also happen to be lawyers). Divorce coaches cannot dispense legal advice or stand in as your divorce attorney. Some divorce coaches work in tandem with a divorce attorney to make sure everything runs smoothly.
A divorce coach can be a good option for those who feel uncomfortable unloading all the details of their divorce on a friend, no matter how close they may be. It can also be a good option for those who simply feel like that they could use a helping hand to navigate through all the difficult paperwork and decisions that need to be made.
Divorce Coach Certification
Once you’ve decided you can benefit from a divorce coach, you can ask your attorney or friends for a referral to a divorce coach. As you search, you will notice that many divorce coaches say they are certified. This means they have taken a course in divorce coaching.
Certification requirements vary widely depending on where coaches obtained their credentials.
Research Coach Credentials
To make sure you are hiring someone who is qualified to help you, make sure you ask about their credentials. You will want to know what they did to obtain certification and how they developed their area of expertise within divorce coaching.
A certification program offered by a company based in Tampa has a comprehensive overview of their standards and goals for those who wish to be “champions for those involved in divorce by becoming a “CDC Certified Divorce Coach.”  The program outlines their “Standards of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.”
Is It Worth It To Hire a Coach?
As you can imagine, hiring a divorce coach is not cheap. You should decide whether spending this money on a qualified divorce coach will produce the results you need or if you are better off talking to your friends.
A good divorce coach will work hard on your behalf; a good friend will listen and offer advice but likely won’t be an expert on divorce matters. Even if they have gone through a divorce, their advice may not apply to your specific situation.
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