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Giudice Denies Rumors of 2013 Divorce- attorneys Bergen County

Rumor has it that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is planning to divorce her husband Joe after the holidays. Teresa Giudice denies the accusations at this time, tweeting,“Sorry tabloids, Joe & I are not getting divorced, now or ever!”and later, “The only thing the Natl Enquirer is good for is lining a bird cage.” Speculations as to why she might be filing for divorce included the following:

  • Joe’s infidelity. The National Enquirer reports that Joe made a call to his unidentified mistress in an August episode of the show Financial woes- Reports cite Joe’s inability to support the family financially as a reason for the divorce
  • Legal problems Charges Joe will be facing in 2013 related to using his brother’s identity to get a driver’s license. He may be facing up to 10 years in prison if convicted, but sources say either way, the marriage is off come the New Year
  • Verbal confrontation- Joe allegedly called Teresa a dirty name and humiliated her on air in the August episode. Sources claim this was the last straw for Teresa in the strained marriage. We at Aretsky and Aretsky know that divorce is painful, stressful, emotionally debilitating and dehumanizing. Our goal is to help you minimize the negative effects of divorce on you, your children, and others affected by the divorce.
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