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Client privacy in shoplifting cases

In addition to providing services as family lawyers in Bergen County, every year our firm represents people charged with crimes such as shoplifting. When our clients are charged with shoplifting, they are often feeling embarrassed, and ashamed of how this may reflect on them. They are concerned that the charges will negatively affect their reputation in the community and their employment opportunities. We handle our clients’ cases discreetly and professionally. If you require an especially high degree of privacy with regard to your case, let us know. We will treat your case with sensitivity and consideration. If need be, we can accommodate your needs by not calling you at your home or your place of employment.If you are facing potential shoplifting charges, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you talk with a lawyer knowledgeable about criminal defense, the more opportunity you will have to respond to charges appropriately and protect yourself from conviction, financial penalties, and possibly jail time. 

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