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How will divorce affect your income taxes? That is a question many recently divorced or soon-to-be divorced couples have on their minds with the approach of Tax Day! A knowledgeable New Jersey divorce lawyer who works with tax specialists can help you understand how recent tax laws will impact your particular situation. Call the New Jersey divorce attorneys at Aretsky Law Group, P. C., to better understand how your new status will impact your tax obligations.

The following questions are similar to those often posed by our clients.

Divorce and Income Tax: Frequently Asked Questions

Common Tax Filing Questions in Times of DivorceFor most of us, income tax season is a stressful time and this 2015 tax reporting time is no exception! The task of filing your return can seem even more daunting when divorce is involved. If you are newly divorced or in the process of finalizing your divorce settlement, it is crucial that you understand the tax implications of the decisions you make both in the creation of your divorce agreement and in the filing of your tax return.

There are many questions that must be considered. Here are 6 common tax filing questions that may impact divorced, separated or soon-to-be-divorced couples:

  1. What is the appropriate filing status?
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