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How To Find A Divorce Attorney

How Much Will A Divorce Cost Me?

The two biggest concerns of those seeking a divorce are child custody issues, and how much it will cost. At Aretsky and Aretsky they know that divorce is painful, stressful, emotionally debilitating and dehumanizing.  Their goal is to help you minimize the negative effects of divorce on you, your children, and others affected by the divorce. They have over 40 years of combined experience in helping families deal with the many complex legal issues arising from separation and divorce.
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The following article from Forbes shares some interesting information about divorce trends. Click here for the full article.


Jeff Landers, Contributor

Two Divorce Trends Identified In The Legal Marketplace

Last month I came across the results of an interesting survey conducted by legal marketplace Avvo.com. Avvo surveyed almost 900 of its users – people seeking legal information and services – and more than 400 family law attorneys to find out 1) what major concerns people have about the divorce process, and 2) how they find the right lawyer to handle their case.
Here are the results:

What concerns people about the divorce process?
The quick answer is that people are very, very concerned about how much a divorce is going to cost them.
Of survey respondents without children, 58% reported to Avvo that cost is the single most pressing concern about the divorce process (division of property ranked second, at 42%). Most people with children reported child custody issues as their major concern, followed by the cost of getting divorced.
The average cost of a divorce in the United States has reportedly reached $15,000. While that amount represents a bigger worry for some people than others, Avvo found that concerns about cost in general spanned all income levels. As you can imagine, financially complex divorces often cost significantly more than the national average.
How do people facing divorce find an attorney?
Avvo found that while recommendations from friends and family are still a huge driving force in the attorney selection process, more and more people are finding their attorneys online. Interestingly, Avvo reports that 72% of survey respondents who found their divorce attorneys online are women, 49% have children and half are under age 44. It’s no surprise that 72% also report themselves to be active online shoppers.
(Based on these results, I expect attorneys who want to reach busy, internet-savvy women to step up their online presence, if they haven’t already.)

What does this information mean for you?
300px-Credit-cardsAs soon as you have any inkling that divorce might be in your future, it is wise to begin setting money aside to hire the professional help you will need. (One way to approach that is to maintain a secret fund in case you divorce.)
Making sure you have good credit established in your own name is another critical step. If you haven’t done so already, please take care of that as soon as possible. It can be difficult to obtain credit cards as a newly single woman with no recent work history.

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