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Have you been sued for divorce in Oradell? Has your child’s other parent filed a court action seeking to obtain additional visitation with the child – or seeking to have the child reside primarily with him or her? Are you frustrated attempting to get your child’s other parent to pay child support and assist in raising your child? If so, you can appreciate the maddening effect that these and other Oradell family law proceedings can create. Unlike other civil lawsuits wherein (for example) a creditor seeks to obtain money from you, a family law proceeding threatens your most sacred relationships – those you have with your children and/or your partner(s).

Aretsky Law Group, P.C. provides experienced and dedicated legal representation to parents and spouses who find themselves (either willingly or unwillingly) party to a family law dispute in Oradell. Contact us and let us help you successfully resolve your matter today.

Types of Family Law Disputes in Oradell

Judge Signing Document Aretsky Law Group, P.C. has considerable experience in handling a wide variety of family law disputes that might come up in in Oradell. Specifically, our knowledgeable legal team can assist you with these and other types of family law proceedings:

  • Paternity disputes : Before you can obtain visitation with your child – or before you can force the other parent of your child to pay child support – a determination must be made as to whether you are the child’s legal parent. If you are listed on the child’s birth certificate or have acknowledged paternity of the child since the child’s birth, this may not be difficult to establish. Otherwise, you will need to be prepared to provide genetic testing results or other compelling evidence to show who the child’s parent(s) is.
  • Child custody and child support : When a court is asked to determine with whom a child will live and how much time the other parent will have to visit with the child, a court is supposed to enter orders that reflect what it believes to be the child’s “best interests.” These “best interests” include requiring both parents to contribute to the support and care of the child. This requires the nonresidential parent to pay child support as calculated by an approved formula. Missteps during these hearings can result in a child support award that is not appropriate given you and the other parent’s financial circumstances and/or a visitation schedule that leaves you with too little time to spend with your child.
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