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Although Oradell may not be as large as some of New Jersey’s other cities and families may even prefer to raise their children in Oradell, this does not mean that parents who separate or divorce will not experience negative consequences from such an event. Most people expect there to be some negative repercussions when two people decide to separate or divorce: hurt feelings or a desire to “get the upper hand” and prove the other party made a mistake in divorcing or separating. However, it is dangerous for both parents and children when one parent attempts to use the affections and presence of the child as a weapon against the other parent.

You and your ex may not be on the best of terms following your divorce or separation, but this does not give your ex the right to attempt to disrupt your relationship with your child. Just as you guard your child against dangers such as busy streets and individuals who wish to do your child harm, you must also diligently protect your relationship with your child against efforts that can interfere or ruin this relationship. Aretsky Law Group, P.C. is committed to helping parents who are being alienated from their child take action and bring a stop to such behavior.

Parental Alienation in Oradell: What Does it Look Like?

You may not realize that the other parent of your child is attempting to alienate your child from you until difficulties begin to arise in your relationship with your child. While some of this may be a natural and expected result of a divorce or separation (or of just being a child), any time you believe something is not right in your relationship with your child, you should investigate. Be especially alert to the possibility of parental alienation if your child reveals any of the following:

  • The other parent is speaking bad of you, is discussing the problems you caused in the marriage or relationship, or is otherwise bad-mouthing you with no justifiable reason;
  • The other parent is deliberately failing to inform you of school events, important doctors’ appointments, or other significant events in the life of your child;
  • Your child appears to be “unavailable” at unusual times, such as for routine phone calls or for your scheduled visitation time;
  • The other parent does not wish to make reasonable modifications to the parenting plan or visitation schedule to accommodate vacations you would like to take with the child or holidays such as Mother’s/Father’s Day and your birthday.

When you notice such behaviors, do not ignore them. Perhaps there is an innocent explanation to the other parent’s behavior and a simple conversation can resolve the matter. If not, however, be prepared to take decisive and swift legal action with the assistance of your Bergen County family law firm.

Legal Assistance for Victims of Parental Alienation

You should know that New Jersey Revised Statutes Section 9:2-4 is clear in that both parents to a child ought to be afforded a meaningful opportunity to be involved in the life of their child. This includes having opportunities to visit with the child, spend quality time with the child, and make decisions regarding the child’s welfare and wellbeing. When one parent, therefore, attempts to cut out the other parent from the life of the child, courts are certain to take action and bring a stop to alienating behaviors. While courts may begin by admonishing the offending parent, repeated instances of parental alienation efforts may result in the court modifying previous visitation and/or custody orders and/or sanctioning the offending parent.

Before a court will take any action, however, allegations of parental alienation efforts must be substantiated with evidence and/or the testimony of witnesses. Your own testimony concerning the changes you have noticed in your relationship with your child and/or statements your child has made to you will be important, as will the testimony of extended family members or neighbors with knowledge of the situation and evidence like text messages, e-mails, and/or voice messages that show a pattern of behavior intended to alienate you from your child.

Aretsky Law Group, P.C. can help you locate and secure this vital testimony and evidence and then present it to the court in support of your legal request for relief. If you do nothing, the situation will only worsen and you may end up missing out on important milestones and events in the life of your child.

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Do not delay in investigating and addressing difficulties or challenges in your relationship with your child. Where these are due to the interference or meddling of the other parent, Aretsky Law Group, P.C. will help you put a stop to such behavior and protect your relationship with your child. Call us at 800-537-4154 to schedule your Consultation in our Oradell location.

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