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Parental alienation can be one of the more difficult issues to deal with in parenting time and custody in divorce cases. Parental alienation is oftentimes used to describe situations in which a child refuses to interact with or spend time with another parent, and it is usually because one parent is manipulating the child to think that their other parent is the “bad” parent. Whether your ex is actively interfering with your relationship with your child can be difficult to prove, but if you suspect that your child might be a victim of parental alienation, you should seriously consider consulting with an experienced Oak Ridge Parental Alienation Attorney in order to protect and preserve your parental rights.

Parental Alienation in Oak Ridge New Jersey

There are many reasons why a child might favor one parent over the other. This could be because one parent made a bad parenting decision that adversely affected the child, or the child is frightened by a parent’s extreme behavior. Maybe the child perceives one parent as more fun and less strict than the other. Children may also act out towards one parent or the other, but it could be that the child is just upset about the separation or divorce and the changing family dynamics. However, if your child is a victim of parental alienation, your once loving relationship with your child might be in jeopardy. Some common indicators of parental alienation include:

  • Your child thinks everything you do is wrong and that everything your ex does is right;
  • Your ex is degrading you and making negative comments about you in front of your child;
  • Your ex blames you for the separation or divorce, and your child, therefore, thinks the same;
  • Your child expresses negative feelings toward you and thinks they arrived at these sentiments independently, but in actuality, your ex encouraged them or manipulated them to feel that way;
  • Your child does not want to see you or even speak to you on the phone;
  • Your ex restricts or limits access to your child;
  • Your ex restricts your access to your child’s school or medical records;
  • Your ex schedules a number of activities for your child so that your child has no time to spend with you.

If you suspect that your child is a victim of parental alienation due to the presence of one or more of these indicators, it is important that you do something about it right away. The more time that passes without taking action or challenging your ex’s manipulating behavior, the more damaging and difficult the situation can become for your child’s physical and emotional well-being. If these signs and symptoms seem familiar to you, be sure to contact an experienced Oak Ridge Parental Alienation Attorney to discuss your case.

What are My Legal Options if I Suspect My Child is Being Manipulated by My Ex?

If parental alienation is adversely affecting your relationship with your child, you should seriously consider hiring an experienced lawyer who can help protect and preserve your parental rights. If you and your ex have an informal custody arrangement, a lawyer can help you petition the court for a formal order that sets forth parenting time and determines whether custody will be primary or shared. If there is a formal order in place, an experienced attorney will file a motion to enforce the order, particularly if your ex is preventing you from seeing and spending time with your child. A custody order may even be modified in order to help remedy the situation. In addition, your ex-partner can be subject to sanctions for violations of a custody order. The penalties can include:

  • An order requiring your ex pay for your child’s or family therapy costs;
  • An order requiring that your ex attend parenting classes or therapy; and
  • An order requiring your ex to pay for court costs and attorney’s fees.

When parental alienation exists, or you think that your child may be a victim of parental alienation, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced Oak Ridge Parental Alienation Lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled attorney can advocate for you and your child and can help to preserve and protect your parental rights. If you are concerned that parental alienation is happening to one or more of your children, be sure to contact the lawyers and Aretsky Law Group, P.C., today.

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