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As is true in other major population centers in the United States, divorces happen with some degree of regularity in the city of Hackensack. Beyond divorce filings, though, many other family law proceedings are initiated each month in Hackensack: paternity actions, child custody proceedings, and other similar family law proceedings are just some of the more common proceedings of this type that are commenced each month. While no law requires a family law litigant to procure representation from legal counsel in order to file a family law case or proceed with a case that has already been filed, Hackensack family law litigants may find such experienced and knowledgeable advice and guidance helpful in obtaining the results they seek.

Aretsky Law Group, P.C. Helps Hackensack Residents Involved in a Variety of Family Law Cases

Judge Reading with a Gavel in front of him Aretsky Law Group, P.C. has considerable experience in handling a variety of family law cases, and when you retain our firm to represent you in your Hackensack divorce, custody, or other family law case you become the beneficiary of our knowledge and resources. This enables us to provide you with helpful and persuasive representation proceedings such as:

  • Divorce: Without skillful representation, your legal and financial interests can be irreparably harmed. A court can enter child custody, spousal support, and/or property division orders that are not favorable to your interests if you do not take appropriate and timely action.
  • Child custody: While courts are supposed to enter child custody orders that reflect the “best interests of the child,” without a powerful voice advocating for your rights and interests as a parent as well as for those of your child, it is easy for a court to enter orders that negatively impact your ability to effectively parent your child.
  • Paternity: Before an adult is legally entitled to visitation with a child (or obligated to pay child support), paternity must be established. While this may be easy to accomplish in some cases, if the individual’s name is not on the child’s birth certificate and/or if the person has not attempted to have regular visitation with the child since the child’s birth, the task of establishing paternity can be quite complicated.
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My experience with Eric as an attorney was genuinely pleasurable. Eric’s expertise in litigation, and personable attributes made the litigation of my case go over with ease. Eric was always punctual and went above and beyond my expectations in getting my case settled... Timothy G.
Eric was able to successfully represent me in a financial dispute. I found his candor, knowledge, and skills highly effective in resolving the matter. This was my first experience using his services and now regard him as my personal attorney for any issue. Eric is my first call. Thank you! Dave
Couldn’t have done it without his help. He kept us calm, had complete knowledge of the process and helped us negotiate our plea. It was totally worth hiring a lawyer have the outcome we did. Maureen