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Few life events can be as stressful and unnerving for Ocean County residents as a divorce. Even where both you and your spouse agree that a divorce is in your best interests and would provide you both with a much-needed fresh start, the divorce process can be strenuous and nerve-wracking. Aretsky Law Group, P.C. is committed to helping Ocean County divorce clients experience differently. Through experienced, dedicated, and personalized counsel, Aretsky Law Group, P.C. can help remove some of the mystery and uncertainty from the divorce process.

Anatomy of a “Typical” Ocean County Divorce

Divorce Letters and Rings Although there is no such thing as a “typical” or “standard” divorce, most Ocean County divorce cases filed in the Ocean County courthouse (located at 118 Washington Street in Toms River, New Jersey) routinely follow a similar series of steps:

  • Initial petitions and filings : A divorce case begins with one spouse filing a petition for divorce. In that petition, the filing spouse lists the legal relief to which he or she believes he or she is entitled and discloses certain information about the couple’s finances, including marital assets and debts. Once the other spouse is served with a copy of this petition, he or she has a limited amount of time within which to file an answer asserting responses, replies, and/or rejections to the assertions contained in the petition.
  • Narrowing of the issues : Each couple (through their attorneys) will then determine which issues they can agree upon and which issues will require a decision by the court. Some couples, for instance, may not contest that irreconcilable differences exist but may argue over how the marital estate is to be divided. Conversely, other couples may fight over whether sufficient facts exist showing that a divorce is appropriate.
  • Litigation/trial : For those issues upon which the parties cannot agree, the parties will proceed before a judge who will receive evidence and render a decision. In some cases, a party who feels the judge made an improper decision may have a limited right to appeal such a decision to a higher court.
Aretsky Law Group, P.C. Works for Ocean County Residents

With several convenient office locations in Ocean County and throughout New Jersey, Aretsky Law Group, P.C. seeks to help clients successfully navigate the divorce process in as expeditious of a manner as possible. Our firm’s collective knowledge and resources are well suited to assist divorcing clients no matter the amount of assets or number of children involved there may be.

Call Aretsky Law Group, P.C. at 800-537-4154 number or email Mr. Aretsky at Eric@aretskylawgroup.com for your initial consultation. You may also view our firm overview, attorney biographies and our areas of practice when you visit our website at Aretsky Law Group.

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My experience with Eric as an attorney was genuinely pleasurable. Eric’s expertise in litigation, and personable attributes made the litigation of my case go over with ease. Eric was always punctual and went above and beyond my expectations in getting my case settled... Timothy G.
Eric was able to successfully represent me in a financial dispute. I found his candor, knowledge, and skills highly effective in resolving the matter. This was my first experience using his services and now regard him as my personal attorney for any issue. Eric is my first call. Thank you! Dave
Couldn’t have done it without his help. He kept us calm, had complete knowledge of the process and helped us negotiate our plea. It was totally worth hiring a lawyer have the outcome we did. Maureen