Essex DCP&P Lawyers

The Essex County DCP&P attorneys at the Aretsky Law Group specialize in affairs involving the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P), which was previously known as the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS). The DCP&P is the authority on the welfare of children at risk for all forms of abuse and/or neglect. Their responsibilities include responding to reports of child abuse and neglect, conducting thorough investigations, and taking appropriate action to ensure the safety of children. When dealing with the DCP&P, it is essential to have an Essex County DCP&P lawyer walk you through the process. Our Essex County DCP&P attorneys are always ready for your call.

The DCP&P has three offices in Essex County located at:

Essex Central Local Office
33 Evergreen Place
East Orange, NJ 07018

Essex North Local Office
50 - 58 Burnett Avenue
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Essex South Local Office
21 Bleeker Street
Millburn, NJ 07041

Being part of a DCP&P investigation is a daunting matter and having the right Essex DCP&P lawyers on your side can make all the difference in keeping families together and protecting their rights. Our team of DCP&P attorneys make it their priority to keep families together and we strive to handle these cases with both the knowledge and compassion required to succeed.

In DCP&P proceedings in Essex County, New Jersey, it's crucial to understand the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. Parents and guardians have the right to be informed of the allegations against them, to participate in court hearings, and to present evidence and witnesses on their behalf. Additionally, they have the right to challenge DCP&P's findings and to work towards reunification with their children whenever possible.

DCP&P Proceedings

In Essex County, New Jersey, DCP&P proceedings are a critical aspect of family law, often arising in cases of suspected child abuse or neglect. The DCP&P oversees these proceedings, which can have significant implications for families involved. From the initiation of investigations to court hearings and possible placement decisions, navigating DCP&P proceedings requires a nuanced understanding of both legal requirements and the welfare of the children involved. At the Aretsky Law Group, we specialize in representing clients in DCP&P cases, providing knowledgeable guidance and steadfast advocacy to protect the rights and interests of parents, guardians, and children throughout these complex proceedings. Whether you are facing allegations, seeking reunification, or navigating the foster care system, our experienced team is here to provide the support and representation you need to achieve the best possible outcome for your family.

While the DCP&P agency does not want to remove children from their homes as an immediate go-to solution regarding reports of child abuse and/or neglect, the welfare of the child is paramount, guiding every step of the legal process. Once a report is made against a parent, DCP&P initiates an investigation that will include examinations into your home and interviews with various individuals who have contact with your child such as teachers, counselors, doctors, etc., even in instances where the allegations may be false. As such, these inquiries can be intrusive and have adverse effects on your reputation and character. Additionally, DCP&P works collaboratively with law enforcement and other agencies to ensure a comprehensive and timely response. With our skilled Essex County DCP&P attorneys, you can have a better connection with how your case is handled.

In cases where DCP&P determines that a child is at risk of harm, they may initiate legal proceedings to ensure the child's safety. This may include seeking court orders for removal of the child from the home, placement in foster care, or implementation of services to address underlying issues within the family. Our Essex County DCP&P lawyers have the experience needed to obtain court orders ahead of proceedings so that they can be reviewed for a proper defense. This fosters a significant positioning in order to gain a favorable ruling.

As family law attorneys, we understand the complexities of DCP&P cases and the challenges they present for families. We are constantly advocating for our clients’ rights and working towards the best possible outcome for their family.

If you find yourself in the midst of an Essex County DCP&P investigation, contact us right away for a free consult at 201-580-3411 to hear more about how we can help you.

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