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Bergen County Worker's Compesation

Workers Compensation insurance is required by law to be carried by every employer in New Jersey. If a New Jersey employee is injured at his or her job the employer is required to provide the employee with medical care that includes hospital, medical, surgical or even dental services. This can include providing the injured employee with physical therapy, nursing care and medication. If an injured employee is unable to work for more than seven days he or she is entitled to be paid for the entire time they have spent out of work the end of their workers compensation case. The employee may also be entitled to payment for what turns out to be a permanent disability. Something to keep in mind is that any employee injury is covered under Workers Compensation even if the employee directly or indirectly caused his or her own injury. If the employee was injured while performing their job they are covered under Workers Compensation.

The New Jersey Workers Compensation statute allows for three main types of job related injuries. Those three types of job related injuries are Specific Accident Claims, Occupational Exposure Claims and Repetitive Motion Claims.

Specific Accident Claims are simple everyday accidents. They include, but are not limited to, accidents involving a piece of equipment or machinery, lifting injuries and even altercations with other workers.

Occupational Exposure Claims involve employees being exposed to chemicals, dusts, asbestos and other harmful substances. This type of exposure can cause a employee to become sick with cancer, breathing problem or heart problems.

Repetitive Motion Claims involve the repetitive stress of a job causing injury. Probably the most common example is when an employee has to constantly lift heavy objects that cause injury. Another example would be if your job requires you to stand or walk all day you may sustain injuries to your knees.

The New Jersey Workers Compensation Statute provides that an injured employee is entitled to three types of Workers Compensation benefits.

An injured employee is entitled to Medical Benefits/Treatment that allow for his or her injury to heal. The employee is also entitled to Temporary Disability Benefits that pay for his or her time out of work due to injury. Permanent Disability Benefits finally provide an injured employee with the right to seek monetary compensation due to permanent disability.

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