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Oak Ridge’s nightlife scene may not have the same reputation as larger communities like Jersey City, Hoboken, or Atlantic City, but this does not mean individuals do not drink and drive in Oak Ridge. Having “one too many” and then getting behind the wheel can be a costly decision: not only may you be arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and face significant penalties upon conviction, but you may cause serious injury or death to another person – or yourself.

Because of the dangers associated with intoxicated driving in Oak Ridge, expect that any charges for DWI that are filed against you will be aggressively pursued by law enforcement. Aretsky Law Group, P.C. is here to assist in ensuring you are not the victim of an overzealous prosecutor or police officer.

Why am I Charged With Driving While Intoxicated in Oak Ridge?

An arrest for DWI and subsequent prosecution on charges of DWI are appropriate whenever a law enforcement officer and prosecutor are satisfied that there is probable cause to believe that you are unlawfully intoxicated and/or impaired and driving a vehicle or engaging in other prohibited conduct. Probable cause may exist if you:

  • Fail to satisfactorily perform standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs);
  • Are observed driving in an unsafe manner (such as weaving in your own lane, crossing into other lanes of traffic, suddenly accelerating or decelerating, or engaging in other such behavior);
  • Submit to a breath test and that breath test reveals an alcohol concentration of .08 or greater;
  • Lent your car to another person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and this other person provided a credible statement to law enforcement.

Just because a police officer or prosecutor believes there is probable cause to believe you committed DWI does not mean that your case is doomed to result in your conviction. In fact, with the help of an experienced Oak Ridge DWI firm like Aretsky Law Group, P.C., you may be able to have your charges reduced or even dismissed.

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The first step in successfully resolving your Oak Ridge DWI charges is to retain the services of Aretsky Law Group, P.C. We thoroughly investigate our clients’ cases to explore all avenues of defending our clients against their DWI charges. Contact our office today at 800-537-4154 and discuss your charges with your experienced legal team.

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